Corrections to Thomas Posting

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To Wheeler residents,
I had sincerely hoped that I would not have to write this. I do not believe these accusatory posts do anyone any good – the community or the individuals. However, I feel I must respond to Mrs. Thomas’ post on 10/13/2022. In it she classifies me as an advocate of Mr. Ulbricht and “squarely in the developer’s corner”. That is NOT the case. I AM an advocate for increasing Wheeler’s financial position, something the current council has not addressed. I am running for this office because, primarily, I am interested in getting our city into a positive financial position and I am looking at EVERY proposal as a way to do that. I do not need to check with the mayor to know that – yes – things ARE that bad. Other than Mary Leverette, I have not heard any of the other candidates address this issue. My sincere thanks to North Coast BBQ for allowing us this forum. But please, let’s stop the negative posts and focus on what can be done for our city.
Oh, and by the way, my name is not spelled Bell with an “e”. It is “Bell” and it will be spelled that way on the ballot when you receive it next week. Thank you.

Dave Bell