Why Betsy is not for us!

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My friend sent this to the HH editor, I like that it acknowledges Betsy for her contribution, yet makes a good argument for why you may not want to vote for her. Do you want Oregon to remain BLUE?, vote for Tina. If you want us to become RED, vote for Betsy or Christina. YOUR VOTE matters, please vote for Tina!
Many of us have known and appreciated Betsy Johnson for many years. She has worked hard, provided good constituent service for our Tillamook communities and her middle of the road position is attractive to some — but she WILL NOT WIN. Polls show she has less than 20% of the vote while Tina Kotek (D) and Christine Drazan (R) each have about 30%. Polling numbers are always suspect, but closing a gap of 10% is highly, highly unlikely. So for Democratic- leading voters a vote for Betsy is really a vote taken away from Democrat Tina Kotek. This makes much more likely Republican Christine Drazan will win.

Tina Kotek is committed to the less fortunate having worked for the Oregon Food Bank and Children First for Oregon. She is pro-choice, supports responsible gun ownership and advocates for measures to address climate change. Christine Drazan has the opposite positions and in fact led the Republicans out of the legislature to prevent climate change legislation from passing. Drazan is anti-choice, is endorsed by the NRA and has a 25% rating from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. Kotek is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Oregon League of Conservation Voters and the Oregon Nurses Association. She is the leader that reflects Oregon values and needs.

So I urge you to recognize reality and cast your vote for Tina Kotek not Betsy Johnson.

Beverly Stein
Cape Meares