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I have been very sad to hear about all the hyperbole around town from the advocates of Ken Ulbricht. Do not be fooled folks.

These people have been squarely in the developers corner for a long time. They are sowing fear and misinformation to citizens in order to get on City Council to change things in the developers favor.

They support Ken Ulbricht NOT the citizens of Wheeler. Leverette has only been full time in Wheeler for 2 years she has not been at all the hearings nor has she experienced the betrayal that we all did when Ulbricht reneged on citizens about building nice cottages on his property.

Please, if you have been taken in by their discourse step back take a breath and weigh everything carefully before voting these people in. Leverette, Belle, Stacks

Things are not as bad as they are saying. Ask Mayor Honeycutt.

Margie Thomas
49 year homeowner in Wheeler