Karen Matthews–Wheeler City Council

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Having read Karen Matthew’s post on BBQ last night, stating her position regarding the Wheeler Vision Plan, I am moved to express my opinion in response.

I admire Karen’s willingness to clearly state where she stands on probably the most important issue (or at least the most contentious) facing Wheeler.

i have known Karen always as a woman who clearly states her mind, and who has the good of the whole at the core of her actions.

In my 6 1/2 years working at the Alder Creek Farm community garden, I had the opportunity to observe Karen’s effective, conscientious, capable leadership. I got to witness her being kind when she had to also be tough. I know she will bring those same qualities to membership on Wheeler’s city council. I urge Wheeler citizens to make an excellent choice in voting for Karen for city council.

om peace namaste
lucy brook
nehalem resident (who also pays attention to events in her neighboring towns!)