Wheeler Vision and zoning

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The Wheeler Vision recommends continual review, evaluation and updates to current city policies and ordinances, to manage and control growth.

The 24-foot height limit is in the City of Wheeler Zoning Ordinance. The Vision recommends that any variance of the 24-foot height be approved only after a strict procedure is followed, insuring that community priorities receive precedence. There is not, nor has there ever been, a limit of ten units. The interpretations of ordinance 2012-06 state that large-scale developments over ten units be subject to clear and objective design standards.

In early 2013, the planning commission reviewed this requirement and determined that Wheeler Zoning Ordinance section 11.050 Design Review meets the clear-and-objective requirement, by stating, “1) All commercial and industrial development in any zone, any multifamily dwelling in any zone, is subject to design review by the planning commission.” Therefore, no additional language in the zoning ordinance was required, with which the majority of city council agreed.

If advocates for the Vision do not feel that the zoning ordinances support the Vision, they should recommend updates, as outlined in the Vision.

What updates would be required?
Would updates apply to all zones?