Marks Community Matters Emergency Preparedness

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Mark’s Community Matters Emergency Preparedness

I’m Mark Kuestner (KEST-ner) and I’m running for Manzanita City Council.

The tornado that struck Manzanita in 2016 made a lasting impact on many of us. Not only was the destruction immediate and significant, but our community’s response to it was similarly immediate and significant. For me it was an eye-opening introduction to the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay (EVCNB). My wife, Linda and I were so impressed with the EVCNB efforts to teach our community about preparedness, we immediately became volunteers in their “Prepare Your Neighborhood” program.

Since the tornado, Linda and I got serious about making sure we are ready if and when another disaster strikes. We have GoBags for ourselves and our dogs, and we’ve stored gallons of water and other supplies to help us live “off the grid” for at least 30 days.

We wanted to make sure that our neighbors are similarly prepared. We are leaders in our neighborhood’s emergency planning. We’ve raised funds and gathered supplies to be used at our local gathering site to ensure our neighborhood’s resiliency, as have other neighborhoods in Manzanita and around the Bay.

We recognize that WE, not the City, are responsible for our own safety. The City IS responsible for emergency response efforts, including aid for people displaced by natural disasters who aren’t prepared. I strongly support continuing funding for emergency management and disaster resilience in the city budget. I will also advocate for adequate space at Underhill Plaza for evacuees and for our new City facilities to have a resilient structure for Emergency Operations.

COVID-19 certainly qualified as another natural disaster and Linda and I worked as non-medical volunteers at dozens of COVID vaccine clinics throughout the county. We logged so many hours that we were featured in the county’s “Vaccine Voices” series. We’ve just recertified and are already scheduling ourselves to help at the next round of vaccine booster clinics. Perhaps we’ll see you there when you get your booster and flu shot!

I ask that you vote for me for City Council on November 8. Please visit my website, Thank you