Looking for Home to Rent

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This is a preemptive mission to find a place to live for my gal, our two dogs, and myself somewhere in or near Astoria (Astoria being best case). This is a sort of prospecting post as we are willing to wait for the right spot (6months, a year, etc).
About us:
We’re all housebroken and gainfully employed. My gal and I are both creative-types originally from the North Atlantic coast. I’m very handy and have spent a lot of my life working on boats or houses or cars, etc. It has been an advantage for previous landlords to have a guy willing to fix something when (or ideally before) something breaks. We like a good laugh, sailing, cooking, outdoor things.
Anyway, if you have any insights or leads for a place to live that will be available in six months or beyond, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Thanks v much!