The 10 minute trick that reverses 8 hours of sitting

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People made fun of me when I first started massage school.

I was the “old guy” with bad posture.

Truth is, it was bad. I sat slumped over and stood with my waistline bowed forward and shoulders back.

It still plagues me when I spend long periods on my computer or phone.

35+ years of skateboarding didn’t exactly help the situation. I sometimes used my board as a cane to support my bowed body without realizing it.

So when I have a massage client that comes to me complaining of shoulder and neck pain I love to share this trick I learned to help heal the posture problems that so many of us have.

As we sit long periods our stomach and pec muscles get tight, pulling the shoulders and neck forward out of alignment.

Every inch your head leans forward adds 10lbs of weight to your neck and spine.

After hours of staring down at your phone or lap top your shoulders, upper back and neck are sure to feel stressed and tight.

This can lead to headaches, chronic pain and can make working at a desk miserable.

If this sounds like something you are struggling with try this easy 10 minute stretch at night to help unwind your neck and spine.

It helped change my posture in a week and half.

This stretch works best using an inflatable yoga/exercise ball.


1) Lie on your back on your on a yoga ball using support if need from wall or bed or a partner to maintain balance.

2) Slowly roll back and forth, head to tail, as the ball supports your spine from head to tail. Slowly opening up the front body muscles.

3) When this is comfortable raise your arms overhead and let them fall back by your head to bridge over reaching towards the ground.

4) Stay in this easy supported stretch for 10 minutes if you can. You might want to start with just 5 minutes and then work your way up from there.

10 minutes on a yoga ball each night can reverse eight hours of hunching over your work station.

If you want to get a yoga ball they come in 3 sizes: 55, 65, & 75 cm. I would suggest if you are close to 5 ft. go with the smallest, 5.5 ft go with medium, and 6 ft go with the large.

If you do not have a yoga ball- you can slowly allow your head and neck to flex over the edge of your bed.

Starting with just your head over the edge, then inch worming each vertebra over the edge as comfort allows.

It might take a few times to be able to get your shoulder blades over the edge. Please give yourself ample support when attempting!

If this stretch is too painful to do or isn’t enough to release your neck – I recommend scheduling regular massages to release your neck, shoulder and back muscles and help re-align your posture.

Massage can also be very helpful for headaches brought on by muscle tension.

I have appointments available Friday – Saturday this week to help get you feeling good again.

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