Mark Gives a Shout Out to Manzanita City Staff

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Manzanita depends on volunteers to help run our city. Not only are our City Councilors and Mayor volunteers, but the Planning Commission, the Short Term Rental Committee, the Budget Committee and other ad hoc groups all are made up of volunteers. We are able to function as a city so well because these dedicated volunteers are supported by a skilled and dedicated professional city staff.

We are incredibly lucky to have a talented and energetic Manzanita City Manager in Leila Aman. She in turn, has a staff to be proud of:

If there’s a broken water main, then Public Works jumps into action – just last week Dan Weitzel rushed down lickety-split, and turned off the flow of water into the Hoffman Center’s Wonder Garden when our main water line ruptured.

If there are STR license or ordinance issues, then Judy Wilson is the person to turn to for help. Making sure our local building codes are observed, Scott Gebhart can be seen all over town doing inspections. If you have questions about city finance, Nina Aiello provides the facts.

And our police department is one to be proud of, taking care of us, and doing it with professionalism and panache!

This combination of professionalism and volunteerism makes Manzanita the amazing town it is and I’m proud to be part of it.

I’m Mark Kuestner and I ask you to choose me as one of your City Councilors. I’d love to be part of this team. Please vote for me in November.