Financial Wellness Class for Women

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Improve Your Relationship with Money by learning the Mindful Money Method, a new way of thinking about money. It doesn’t matter if you are $250k in debt or have a $5M net worth you can benefit from the method if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or irresponsible with money.

The fall class starts Tuesday, October 4th at 1 PM PT via Zoom for nine weeks. All classes are recorded if you can’t catch it LIVE. During class, I teach and answer questions. There is an online curriculum component that requires an additional hour of weekly exercises.

We cover processes, people and perspective all related to money including how to talk with partners, parents and children about money. With new awareness, clarity and vision, you’ll identify your financial goals and create your unique Financial Freedom & Relief Plan to attain them. Most importantly, we uncover and rewrite your money story. You become the heroine.

You’ll benefit from more love, less worry when you have a plan you will follow because you believe in your ability to manage money.

The Mindful Money Method is unique because it is a holistic approach to the math, mindset and soul of money designed specifically for women. I lean into my yoga teaching practice to make it calm and effective. I am often told, ‘No one ever taught me about money or explained it so simply.’

Artist and summer student, Teresa told me, ‘You’re the first money person that hasn’t shamed me. I am feeling more confident in my understanding and abilities’

As a certified Financial Life Coach, I teach this process to women all over the world. It’s proven and receives rave five-star, life-changing reviews. The 9-week LIVE class & online curriculum is $457. I’d love to share it with more local women so I am offering a locals 25% discount. Use coupon code: TILLAMOOK.

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All proceeds from the LIVE course are donated to woman’s organizations for college scholarships.