Follow Along on My Campaign Trail

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Hello Manzanita Community Members,

I’m Brad Mayerle, and I’m a candidate for Manzanita City Council. I’ve been out and about campaigning since May, when I announced my candidacy, and I’m continuing to knock on doors and make myself available to meet with those of you in the community. If you’d like to meet, please shoot me an email (

In the meantime, I encourage you to read my daily blog ( to get a better understanding of my experience, thoughts about the challenges our area is facing and the daily activities I do to earn your support. For example, one of my recent blog posts explains the skill set that I’ve cultivated over the past 30 years as a small owner and medical professional and how that experience transfers well to that of being on council. Here’s an excerpt:

“As a medical provider, I was required to diagnose a problem, identify a treatment plan, educate the patient as to the treatment options, and finally implement treatment that was deemed appropriate by all. I did this day in and day out…for 30 years. It was often challenging, but it was gratifying to see a patient leave my office happier and healthier from the process. This same methodology can be used to identify and assess the city’s challenges, identify potential solutions, communicate with the community, and create solid policy.

Being a business owner also requires listening, education and compromise. As the owner, I ultimately made the decisions. However, there were a host of others involved. I had an office manager, advisors (accountants, attorneys), staff, and suppliers, all of whom weighed in on what was best for the practice and my patients. It could be compared to working with a city manager, planning and budget committees, constituents, and outside experts. In addition, I had to ensure my business was compliant with specific standards…not much different from council members complying with state, county and federal policies in their decision-making.”

Thank you for taking the time out to read this post, and I hope to talk with you soon!