PNW Dirt Fishing Metal Detecting Services

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Pacific Northwest Dirt Fishing is excited to announce this year we have openings for Fall/Winter digs!

Ronny and Tiffany will bring their equipment to your property to show you what history might be under your feet. No property is the wrong property, we do it all from farm fields to ocean shores. If someone has already detected your property allow us to come, see what they may have missed. We ask in return that we may film a video for our YouTube channel (no property will ever be disclosed without owner permission). We remove all non-desirable items; property owner has first rights to all finds, and you should never see our holes.

References are available for all property types upon request. We encourage all interested to see our current exhibit at the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum with relics dating back to the late 1600’s.

If you live in Tillamook or Clatsop County and would like to get in touch with us email
call or text Ronny 971-237-0184
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