MooVoter launches discussions on November election items

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MooVoter: Say it three times really fast.

(Tillamook County, Oregon) MooVoter, MooVoter, MooVoter. Some long time city council members may need to move over and make room for new voices as numerous council and mayoral seats are challenged throughout Tillamook County. In the last election of city officials, which was two years ago, there were 35 candidates and 12 took their seats in unopposed races while another 8 maintained their seats. The field has blossomed to 48 candidates and only 9 are unopposed. For the other races the fields are robust with first time candidates ready to contribute to our growing community.

Nine of the new candidates are vying for the five seats that will become available should the measure to make Oceanside the eighth incorporated city in the county pass. The measure to do this is simultaneously on the November ballot with the prospective candidates.

Along with the move to incorporate Oceanside there are eight additional County measures on the ballot. The County, and the cities of Tillamook, Wheeler, and Nehalem are proposing restrictions on the sale of psilocybin in opposition of State Measure 109 which passed by almost 56% in 2021. That statewide measure, set to go in effect in 2023, allowed for the use of the drug in supervised facilities to assist in combatting mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. It did not decriminalize the drug. Additional measures include a gas tax on dealers to improve and maintain streets within the city of Tillamook, and three levies to support local fire departments.

To assist voters in making an informed decision, MooVoter has launched into its fourth election cycle of presenting information on the ballot items particular to Tillamook County for voters to explore and discuss. The public Facebook group is non-partisan and does not endorse any candidate or measure. It shows each of the races in Tillamook County, which candidates are running against which, summaries and impact of the measures, and it gives members the chance to ask questions directly to candidates or representatives of the measures.

MooVoter’s mission is to give information about what is on the ballots, and hopefully, give members an opportunity to get to know the candidates and issues better. MooVoter gathers as much information as possible on candidates and measures. Most statements are pulled from Facebook or web pages published by candidates, news outlets, etc. All candidates are sent a notice that they have been included and a request to contribute a statement, and or, image. MooVoter is an opportunity to go beyond polarizing issues or party affiliation and learn about local candidates and issues first hand.

An added feature of MooVoter is that members can easily help the campaigns that they support by hitting the “share” button under the graphic on any thread and sharing it on their Facebook pages or in groups.

The rules are simple: You may respond to threads with questions, endorsements, opposition, or just observe. Please be respectful in your language. No party politics. No trolls. #BeKind

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