Mark your ballot for “Kuestner”

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My name is Mark Kuestner and I’m running for Manzanita City Council. I have been visiting Manzanita voters at their homes to be sure I hear the topics that concern our citizens most.

There are many important civic and fiscal issues under consideration right now, from long-overdue revisions of the Comprehensive Plan, finding new municipal revenue sources, to restructuring Short-Term Rentals in our community. We have an opportunity for discussions, to listen to each other, and to come together to find solutions to our problems. Each and everyone of us needs to participate in this process. This is why I’ve selected “Act together. Shape our future.” as the guiding principles of my campaign.

As we all continue to engage in public discussions, we face difficult questions and decisions. Frequently this boils down to what precisely do we want for Manzanita and how are we going to pay for it?

Luckily, we already have some city government structures recently put in place that will help us all to participate and be heard: The new Short Term Rental Committee had its first meeting on August 4th, and will be seating the final two volunteer members soon. The city has an initial budget appropriation to move ahead with revising the Comprehensive Plan, and hence the ordinances that underpin it. On August 29th, the City hosted a public meeting at Pine Grove to discuss and write down our ideas for building the new City Facilities. I participated in that public meeting along with many others. Neighbors gathered at tables to answer a set of questions to help the City and its project team understand our concerns, needs, and vision of the City. We engaged in good conversation: people talking, listening, and coming together.

While these structures are in place, they are newly initiated. We are fortunate to have a very strong, talented, and experienced City Manager, Leila Aman. She’s made a remarkable impact in her short tenure. Your next Council will have much to do to bring our village’s visions, and its supporting ordinances, up-to-date. I’m ready to do that work. I hope to see many of us participating in these efforts. Again, we need to act together so we can shape our future.

During the past five years, I have attended, listened, and asked questions at Budget Committee, Planning Commission, Short Term Rental Workgroup, and City Council meetings. I have had lengthy conversations with members of these committees to better understand their work and the Oregon legislative constraints under which they operate. I am ready to hit the ground running!

I encourage you to attend City Council meetings, including the one scheduled for today, Wednesday, September 7th at 6pm, where candidates seeking to complete Hans Tonjes’ Council term will be publicly interviewed. A new Councilor will be appointed at that meeting. You can read the agenda and join the meeting from the City’s website calendar (

I have become more and more convinced that by participating in these meetings, we can make meaningful decisions to benefit us all. I’m asking you to cast your vote for me in November. I am looking forward to being elected to represent all citizens in Manzanita.

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