Letter Writers wanted

Submitted By: Constance@nehalemtel.net – Click to email about this post
Hello, are you feeling anxious about wanting to make a difference, yet not sure of what action to take? Here’s is your perfect opportunity. I am hosting a letter writing campaign this coming Tuesday (9/6) from 10am-Noon. We will be personalizing letters by adding why we believe voting is important and addressing from a list of people who may need a nudge to vote in November. This is considered a ‘social’ campaign which means we are only urging people to vote, not endorsing or promoting any specific candidate or measure. I am with the Tillamook Democracy Project and we have promised 20,000 letters by mid-October, we are currently just over 5,000 and we need your help! Please join us Tuesday at my home 43080 Northfork Rd, Nehalem. I’ll be providing coffee, tea, Aussie-bites (healthy & delicious!) and a beautiful ‘workspace’ while looking out to the coastal mountain range and Onion Peak. Please let me know you’ll be coming.
Also, our friends and their Friesian horses are visiting so ogling over these beautiful horses is an extra bonus! I hope you join us, I promise you will walk away feeling good about our community and the contribution you are! Thank you /Constance Shimek (yes, the one who came in 2nd for the NCRD Board in 2021 and will earn your vote in 2023!)