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To all,
Friendship in my humble opinion is the true attempt at social advancement.

By forbearance and perseverance we forge a new self out of the sharing with one another .
It might be a marriage, a friend at work, or the grocery store checker. Patience and caring will yield a sum greater than it’s two parts. Friendship isn’t just good, it’s critical to creating the advancement of human dialogues. Hence the philosophical meetings of olden times, when great minds would together and hammer out a shared vision of the world we live in and the conduct that could be considered desirable for the greater good.

In the final analysis, if the parts are in disarray, then the whole is without cohesion.
The whole should always be moving towards the force of good and truth. Then will human beings actually become “civilized”

In these vastly disparate times we need to come together and forge an understanding of what it really means to be human.

“A house divide cannot stand”
thomas hilliard