Why massage matters when it comes to getting in shape

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Ginger didn’t believe me when I first told her this.

Today we got up early and hiked NeahKahNie Mountain before work. While we’re up there looking down on the clouds covering Manzanita, I asked her if she knew that getting a massage works you out almost as much as the hike we just did.

“Now you tell me!” she laughed. “Next time let’s wake up at 6am and you can give me a massage instead.”

Heading back down the trail we started talking about our health goals for fall and winter. As we both near 50, self care is something we talk about a lot. Mostly because we want to have enough energy to work, travel, snowboard and ride our bikes as much as possible.

I give and get lots of massages every month because I know how good it is for me and I see how much it helps my clients.

Most people think massage is just for relaxation but the truth is- a 90 minute full body massage equals taking a 3 mile hike!

Massage deeply exercises and moves your muscles while increasing your blood flow and mobility.

At the same time it lets your mind calm down- so you can let go of any emotional or mental stress you’re holding too.

If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy this fall and winter- getting regular massages will help!

Massage feels great, it boosts your energy, and best of all- it’s an exercise that you’ll want to do!

I have openings this Friday and Saturday if you’re ready.

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