Famine is the Name of the Game

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“Thomas Malthus predicted that famine was the inevitable byproduct of agriculturally successful populations: A well-fed population would breed faster than the agricultural sector could grow. For him, that was an unavoidable tragedy. Modern leftist governments, though, have a new approach to this: They are forcing Malthusian famines by mandating fertilizer reductions and seizing farmers’ lands. It’s all part of the Great Reset that the New World Order of Klaus Schwab et al have planned for us: You’ll have nothing, including no food, while they live in their castles on the hill, insulated from the Hobbesian terrors they’ve created.”


Watch the Oregon Legislature pass more measures that help push farmers out of business.

We can stop this if we can elect a non-Democratic governor.
You might want to read about regenerative farming. When we had victory gardens we didn’t
have artificial fertilizer, the kind they say puts nitrogen in the air. And nitrogen doesn’t have anything to do with global warming anyway.