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The Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church is providing new clothing and school supplies for children returning to school this fall. The following is a list of children who would appreciate your help.
Girl, age 8, grade 3, pants and tops and a jacket size 8. Tennis shoes, size 2 youth, and her favorite colors are pink and purple. Girl, age 12, grade 6, needs tops miss medium, a jacket miss medium, shoes, sandals size 8 and her favorite color is blue. Boy, age 6, grade 1 needs, pants and tops boys 6. Tennis shoes 1 youth, and his favorite color is green. Girl, age 8, 3rd. grade needs pants, tops, and a jacket, girls size 8. A pair of tennis shoes size 2 youth with favorite colors being pink and purple. Boy, age 6, grade 1, needs pants and tops boys size 6. Tennis shoes youth size 1, and favorite color is green. Girl, age 5, kindergarten, needs a size 6 jacket with favorite color being blue. Thanks to all of you getting our kids off to a good start as they start the school year. Gifts can be dropped off at the Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church. If you need more info please call 503-368-5612.