Jeff’s booth returns to Wheeler on TUESDAY (8/16)

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Howdy – Jeff and the JW Merc roadside “pop-up” booth will be back in WHEELER this coming TUESDAY the 16th of August – from at least 12-5 pm. Local bee pollen will be in the cooler ($10 per bag) – and plenty of local raw honey (from various collection points of the NW in all colors/sizes etc) jars to suit any palate or price point. Real Vermont maple syrup from the single family farm is as popular as ever! (REALLY – it never was just for pancakes in the first place) – all available sizes of jar/jug style – and some of the barrel-aged variety as well (ask Jeff). Pre-orders are always helpful – text Jeff on his cell: 208-424-0042 – e-mail if you prefer: – and of course messaging directly through the JW Merc Facebook page is always an option. We’ll see you in our usual “pop-up” spot (in front of the building where Pelican and Piper have their newly-expanded store across from the train stop at Hwy 101 and Rector Street) on TUESDAY THE 16TH!!! jw