Saving Seeds from your Garden

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We are just over half way between summer solstice and fall equinox. Gardens are growing and harvesting is happening.

Gardeners, would you be interested in saving seed from the veggies and flowers you are growing and then sharing with fellow gardeners?

A free Seed Exchange has happened in the past at the White Clover Grange where people could take seeds even if they didn’t bring any. The past 2 Covid springs have caused this event to be diminished. Hopefully there will be a full Seed Exchange next March with lots of gardening goodies besides seeds!

When we save our own seeds, we not only save money, we have varieties that we know do well here on the coast and we are contributing to our own food resilience. And if we really got good at it, we could start a seed bank, where we can store the seeds for community use.

Here are some websites about saving seeds:

Hope you will join me in saving seeds.
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