CHILD Program & Back to School

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Thank you to all who are supporting the CHILD Program run by the Methodist Church in Nehalem. You are helping our kids with back to school clothing and supplies. Today I have 6 girls on my list who need back to school supplies. All the following Girls need backpacks and water bottles, #163B, age 11, grade 6, #166B,age 12, grade 7, #131B,age 13, grade , #168A, age 14, grade 9, #170A, age 15, grade 10, and #176A, age 15, grade 10. All 6 of these girls need school supplies including: pens/pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, colored pencils, scientific calculator, protractor, ruler, scissors, highlighters, glue sticks, pocket folders, spiral notebooks (college rule) composition book (college rule), 3 ring zippered binder, 2 1/2 inch 3 ring binder, and notebook paper (college rule). The CHILD program would like all these items collected and back to the church with their tag numbers by August 13th. Items can be returned to the Methodist Church in Nehalem. If you have questions please call CHILD, 503-368-5612. Again, many thanks for getting our kids off to a great start this school year.