Financial Incentives

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Financial Incentives – definitely

COVID-19 has arguably been the greatest profit maker for Big Pharma of all time, and monkeypox is undoubtedly viewed as a similar future profit maker. The sad reality is, there’s so much liability-free money to be made in pandemic vaccines, they’re not likely to give up on them, and that requires keeping the world in a more or less constant health emergency.

As COVID fatigue is setting in and people are increasingly resisting the shots, monkeypox allows for a brand-new cycle of fear porn to be spun, and for new experimental vaccines to be rolled out. This, I fear, is why Ghebreyesus unilaterally decided to declare monkeypox a global health emergency.

Ghebreyesus may also be trying to push the pandemic treaty forward. Either way, his behavior is a foretaste of what we can expect if that pandemic treaty becomes reality. As noted by Dr. Robert Malone in a July 23, 2022, Substack article:29,30

“Clearly, the WHO committee did not reach the desired decision to declare a PHEIC, and so for some extraordinary reason Tedros stepped in … Tedros’ statements clearly demonstrate that he unilaterally substituted his own opinions for those of the convened panel, raising questions of his objectivity, commitment to process and protocol, and whether he has been unduly influenced by external agents.”

In short, Ghebreyesus is acting like a corrupt dictator, and it’s not difficult to figure out who the beneficiaries might be. In a recent review31 by Pandemics Data Analytics (PANDA), they detail the corruption by the WHO, global leaders and governments around the world during the COVID pandemic. As noted by Malone:32

“This review empowers you with key information to help you assess the WHO’s candidacy as an authoritative global public health organization … It is a must-read by anyone who is interested in public health, the global COVID-19 WHO policies that almost all nations followed, and the full extent of the corruption …”

There’s no doubt the WHO should not be given the sole authority to make medical decisions for the whole world, and Ghebreyesus’ decision to “break the tie” when there really wasn’t one is a perfect example of what can and probably will happen if the WHO is given that power.