Weedwacking, Hedging, pruning, fine tuning and haul away

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Hi there,

My name is Jared. I live in nehalem. I’ve been helping the community with different projects in their yards this summer. I’m 39, healthy, kind, and reliable.

SERVICES I’ve completed; Anything from Pond maintenance, to sharpening up a beautiful zen garden, large and small scale weed whacking, hedge trimming, brush trimming, small tree removal and pruning, and firewood cutting, as well as different types of hauling to transfer station. I have a power washer too.

NEIGHBORS have been wonderful making a comfortable donation, and I’ll always work something out. I’ve enjoyed this mindful work, So I’m continuing thru the fall.

Please see what Karrie in our community posted in her own community news letter. So grateful and I was prompted to share. I have other referrals as well.

Call, text or email anytime.

I’m here to give you a hand!