Pottery kiln for sale

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Is it time to quit the band so you can finally, really focus on your ceramic career?

For sale:
High fire downdraft kiln, fires to cone 10 in 8-10 hours. $700 obo.

Uses 6 propane burners (included) that cone up through the floor. Kiln is made of a steel frame, insulating fiber board, hard brick, soft brick and ceramic fiber blanket, includes the exit flue/damper, door bricks, gas lines, controls and gauges and insulated flue pipe.

Approximately 18 cubic feet of ware space, comes with seventeen mullite shelves 12x24x1” (stacked 3 rows deep) and plenty of kiln posts for stacking shelves.

Also available: unused 1” ceramic fiber board, kao-wool ceramic blanket, lots of k-23 soft brick available, as well as many oxides and glaze chemicals and an electric wheel.

The kiln can be moved with a forklift or disassembled for transport. Located in Nehalem.