Invitation to expand our gardening options

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Dear community, a friend of mine is an expert in Tower Gardening and also a distributor. Linda is passionate about gardening, healthy living, new ideas and is a Master Gardener. She is coming to visit and I’ve asked her to give a short presentation Sunday, July 24th, beginning at 11am, we need to be done by 12:30. Bring your lunch, bring a chair and see what’s possible in year round ‘clean’ gardening! Here’s some benefits which I’m definitely interested in, you may be also!

Vertical gardening, need only 36″ diameter space and an electric outlet.
Uses 98% less water than growing in soil.
Grows 30% faster – eg. 45 day lettuce in 30 days
Can be used inside with LED lights or outside with sunlight.
Sturdy food grade, UV resistant plastic construction.

Bring your questions, bring your credit card, or come to visit and learn about something new!

Constance – she/her
43080 Northfork Rd