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Please do not simply walk by..if you see a dog inside a car in the full sun … this is what you can do :Walk into the near by businesses and ask the manager / owner to reach out to their customers,,.( sometimes they don’t want to get involve ) so it’s ok for you to shout < there is dog in car full sun !! ) ( you'll educate !)
2) call non emergency number 503 815 19 11, and do call them again if situation is resolved .
3 DO leave notes on the window shield saying < Dog inside hot car > this let’s car owner know that their carelessness is being noticed .
This situation has happened twice in Manzanita so far. it took a second person ‘ intervention for finally convince a busy manager to reach out to their customers… 5 mis later car had moved .
Be a voice for the animals …
corinna & family .