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This amazing heavy duty tool is barely used.
It will do what you cannot with other methods: Pull out small saplings and Scotch Broom completely roots and all!

“The Extractigator begins the pull with a minimum 12:1 ratio, with the handle at a height which allows the operator to use body weight as the pulling force. If the operator applies 10lbs of body weight to the end of the handle, he or she is applying initially 120lbs of uprooting force to the plant. After the initial pull from the ground, less effort is required. The fulcrum distance increases to remove the entire plant. With the minimum 12:1 ratio – If the operator applies 100lbs of body weight to the end of the handle… that’s 1200 lbs of uprooting force!!
The construction of the Extractigator is of high quality steel, professionally welded with strength and weight as considerations. Grade 8 High Tensile steel bolts with Nylock (self locking) nuts are used as the pivot pins, as they have over 4 times the strength of normal steel.”

Retails for $137.00
Selling for $75.00

Call 503-368-3214 for more info.

Thank you!