Nehalem Bay Draft Transportation System Plan Survey Deadline this Tuesday July 5

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If you want to weigh in about the ODOT proposals (e.g. a laughable proposed roundabout in Nehalem being a prime example), please consider taking 10 minutes to complete the TSP survey (link below) by Tuesday. For our three North Coast towns, there are important insights we can give for these future proposals. For Nehalem, the example above is N7b – US 101 & 7TH STREET INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS: Construct intersection improvements, likely a mini-roundabout, to provide a long-term solution to improve…

For Manzanita, an example from the TSP list is Classic Street, our narrow unimproved connection between downtown and park where pedestrians, RVs, cars and bicycles compete on a serpentine route with a precipitous drop-off to the west (and downslope a proposed hotel proposal recently rejected by the Planning Committee) and no guard rail or pedestrian walkway. If you live on Dorcas, in the Cottages, in the Highlands or near the golf course, you are the most affected for the increased traffic competition, and this is your earliest opportunity to give some cogent guidance to ODOT.
And, of course, if you happen to be on a city commission in N W or M, here’s a great chance to weigh in on what is best for your town.

Here’s the example from the map: M09, M10 – CLASSIC STREET BICYCLE & PEDESTRIAN ENHANCEMENTS: Enhance Classic Street to provide space for people walking and biking and create a connection from downtown core to planned multimodal facilities. Treatments could include constructing consistent shoulders to provide space for people walking and adding arrows to indicate that bicyclists should use the travel lane.

These are “early days” for the TSP, but the more people comment, the more that our collective interest is shown in this survey will help guide the success of future street improvements.

Here’s a link to get you started on your inputs:
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