SUMMER ART CAMP Cannon Beach Arts Association

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Summer Art Camp has a few spaces available- sign up before it sells out! Below is a list of what is still open for registration.

Visit our website to register online: Register over the phone at (503) 436 – 0744 or in person at 1064 S Hemlock St. Cannon Beach, OR 97110.

Words & Watercolors (ages 9 & Up)
Teacher: Mindy Hardwick
10 – 12pm
(Class Capacity: 10)(1 spot left)

Let’s explore words and watercolor! In this class, we’ll look at how our words can be combined with watercolor to create a beautiful journal. We’ll explore the natural world to inspire texture, color, shape, and mood. We will layer our watercolor with images and poems that explore who we are as well as the world around us. The class includes a walking trip to Haystack Rock as well as viewing a few of the public art pieces in Cannon Beach. Students will each be given their own 6 x 12, watercolor journal for the class.

Exploratory Painting (ages 10 & Up)
Teacher: Nicole Poole
10 – 12pm
(Class Capacity: 10)( 2 spots left)

Students will learn the fun of painting creatively and without boundaries. Exploratory painting unleashes the imagination and challenges the inner artist to be in the moment. and see what happens when they put their imagination to work to create and see painting and expression in a new way. Many materials will be explored as well as tools and brushes to create different textures and effects. This class is for students who have a passion to create and desire to grow further in their work.

Fun with Printmaking & Nature Prompts (ages 12 & Up)
Teacher: Melissa Young
10am – 12pm
(Class Capacity: 8)(4 spots left)

Find inspiration from the local flora and fauna to learn printmaking in multiple modalities, including using imprints with natural sources, cut vegetables, & block carving on soft carve blocks. Students will learn introductory printmaking skills and how to use linocut tools to create a unique block you can take home for later use. As well as learn composition skills to design a plate based on a natural theme and create cards and prints. We encourage all students to join regardless of previous art experience or skill level.

Becoming our own Hero; A Creative Journey (ages 10 & Up)
Teacher: Nicole Poole
1 – 4pm
(Max 10)(5 spots left)

Learn to recognize and grow your super powers! Bravery, kindness, the ability to make others laugh, drawing a picture, baking, riding a bike, being kind to animals, recycling, taking time to be by yourself and giving your time to others… These are a few examples of what make us strong and special. Identifying what brings us joy and using it for good is a brave and powerful act! Using visual art and words young artist heroes will encourage each other to be their best self. Our journey will include sharing moments in life when each hero felt powerful and translate this into visual symbols and artwork. Each artist will also create a life-sized painting of themself as the hero to hang as a banner on their wall to inspire and remind them of their power.

Sketchbook making and journaling (ages 8 & Up)
Teacher: Ben Rosenberg
1 – 4pm
(Class Capacity: 10)(4 Spots Left)

Discover the fun of making your own journal or sketchbook using papers you’ve decorated using simple off -press printmaking techniques. Fill your beautiful books with ink and watercolor sketches.