Sacred Play Day at North Fork 53

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How’re you doing coast neighbors?

These days the news has me feeling angry, overwhelmed and sad all at the same time.

The stress of having no control over how pandemics and politics will change our lives has been unrelenting.

If you’re feeling exhausted and scattered it’s a normal sign that your nervous system’s finally has had enough.

Luckily the happiness we want in life is under our control.

When you take time to nurture and heal yourself you can restore your joy- even in the face of massive uncertainty.

To help you, I designed an event that will delight your inner child and fill your toolbox with ways to care for your nervous system -no matter what life throws at you.

My two favorite coastal healers have teamed up to offer you a Sacred Play Day at North Fork 53.

My friend Carey Wondrum of Kelp Mineral will lead sacred playtime with mud, fire and cold water:

Body mud mask session with ancient kelp clay

Wood fired sauna & cold plunge

Kelp body butter skin treatment

Tea and snacks.

Afterwards- yoga therapist Za Connor of Centerpoint Healing Arts will offer you a nervous system healing session that will leave you deeply rested and restored.


Riverside Tai Chi (breath and movement)

Walking Meditation (being present/slowing down)
Guided Yoga Nidra – (deep rest and relaxation)

I only have 8 spots for this day. Only $149 for four hours! Get your ticket now before it sells out.

Get your ticket with link below:

Sending lots of love and rest your way as we navigate these challenging times together,

ps- please share this with a friend who needs a day to play!