Qigong for health classes

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Hi BBQ community,
Now that the sun is back I want to offer Qigong classes up at the Nehalem Park on Hugo street. I took some time off from teaching due to the pandemic but I am now feeling it is time to offer it again. I have studied and practiced Qigong for many years and love to share it with others. It is a powerful healing practice to calm body and mind. regular practice helps keep the immune system strong , build vitality, reduce pain and bring balance to our digestive and respiratory systems. It also is very good for people that have PTSD symptoms. The movements are combined with deep breathing and are easy to learn. Calming benefits can be felt right from the beginning.
I teach a walking form that has 5 movements with breathing patterns that is the best to practice outdoors with a group. I also teach forms that help with arthritis, and women’s health. As a massage therapist for many years, I like to share my knowledge of acupressure points to assist in home healing too.
If you are interested please send me your name and contact info. I want to see if there is interest in the community for classes. I am thinking of offering a class Tuesday at 9 or 10. I would love some community feedback on my ideas.I am hoping to get the first classes started soon. Happy Summer everyone!