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I would like to respond to Ted Weissbach’s recently posted comments on the BBQ concerning “new brooms.” I’m one of the “brooms” he refers to, running for one of the two open seats on the Manzanita City Council. His post makes many assumptions about the candidates seeking office. I have never spoken to Ted, nor has he reached out to me. However, I do appreciate that he has opened up an opportunity for me to share some of my thoughts with the community. As I stated in my candidacy announcement, “change can be difficult, even scary. But It can also be refreshing and fruitful.”   
I would like to address each of Ted’s assertions as they relate to my point of view. 
1) He says the new candidates speak of being long-term residents and it’s too late to bring back the good old days. My family has owned a house in Manzanita for 20+ years. However, Manzanita has been my primary residence for the past five years. I’m not a long-term resident, though I’m not sure why that would be an undesirable thing—and I have never mentioned bringing back the good old days. However, I have advocated for the importance of having a plan for growth, which does not currently exist, congruent with the desires of citizens.
2) He says the new candidates talk about listening to you. Yes I think that’s important! I believe that listening to citizens, building consensus, and making fact-based decisions demonstrates strong leadership. He says we didn’t get our way.  While I have never approached city hall, I do hear from citizens who feel like they are not listened to. An example is the plan for the new city hall, for which the bond was soundly defeated. I believe there is a middle ground.
3) He says I’ve accused current leadership of being beholden to special interests. Never said that.
4) He says there are too many short term rentals.  On that point, we agree. But I believe there are additional ways to fund city government beyond  the current STR structure. For example, development fees, capturing revenue from day trippers, and  many other options our neighbors to the North have used are possibilities. There are ways to decrease our reliance on our current STR’s system and still fund city services. To suggest that the sky will fall if we look at other options is just a scare tactic.
5) He says we want more diversity.  Excited to meet the challenge.
6) He says we want to  bring back the 4th of July events. I believe the community likes to celebrate the nation and those who have served to protect it. The parade is organized by volunteers, and as we know there are many in our community. Someone just needs to ask and organize.  If elected, I would be happy to advocate. I agree that a fireworks show is expensive, but it doesn’t hurt to look for funding from outside resources.
7) He says the comprehensive plan hasn’t been updated in 20 years, and leaders are working on it.  I know it doesn’t take 20 years to update this plan, and the consequences of not doing so has affected all aspects of our city. With our unprecedented growth, an update of the comprehensive plan can be used as a tool for both zoning and planning. Yes, I am willing to spend the time working on it. That is why I am running. As the author stated, “We can only hope to manage the growth as intelligently as possible.” I guess we differ on what that looks like. The status quo, or someone with new eyes and new ideas. I believe that city hall has failed to explore and capture unrealized revenue, failed to plan for and manage future growth, and compromised the integrity of our neighborhoods. 

I welcome the opportunity to have coffee with Ted, or any other Manzanita residents, to hear all thoughts and concerns for our city. Please feel free to reach out.
Brad Mayerle