Lets help our Sheriff’s Out

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Hello BBQ! After our successful Neighborhood Watch event this is what we learned: If you are comfortable with it, buy some cameras and install them. Motion Lights are fabulous deterrents. If you see it, document it. Report it if you feel comfortable doing so. KEEP RECORDS (if you keep records, be prepared to be a witness in court) Did you know that our Sheriff’s get paid out of the “General Fund”? Did you know that our Sheriff had to go cook for the inmates when he left Wheeler? Did you know we are the LOWEST PAID Sheriff’s Department in the entire STATE????
I have learned that the next County Commissioner Meeting is about THE BUDGET – let’s talk about our fabulous Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office and why we are the lowest paid in the ENTIRE STATE. I am including the agenda Check out item #20 – let’s be heard! I’m going! Who’s with me? I’m driving a van. We can help our entire Community just by showing up. www.co.tillamook.or.us/sites/default/files/fileattachments/board_of_county_commissioners/meeting/74353/2022-06-22_bocc_agenda.pdf