Writing Alive! Workshop Thursdays 3:00 – 6:00 pm (on Zoom)

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Please join us for a 6-week Writing Alive! Workshop in the 3+1 format: 3 writers + 1 facilitator. This format features a one-hour dedicated writing time + 25 minutes of focused, positive feedback for each writer.

We begin with a brief arrival time as writers gather on Zoom followed by a review of our writing guidelines (see below). Two writing prompts are offered and reviewed aloud. Writers then sign off from Zoom and write on their own for an hour.

When we return to Zoom, each writer reads her work aloud, usually twice (or she may choose to pass — always an option). The remaining two writers + the facilitator offer individual feedback and discuss the strengths of the work while the featured writer listens to the feedback. We then move, in turn, to the work of the remaining writers.

We share time, at the end, for each writer to talk about that day’s writing process — what is arising and feels new; how is this aligned, or not, with the writer’s life; what is arresting the writer’s attention and shaping the work most strongly?

Writers may use the offered prompts or follow their own outline if working on an ongoing project.

WA! Guidelines for Our Writing Practice:
To create a sacred, safe space for our writing process, we follow these guidelines in Writing Alive! Workshops:

1. We honor the writer by listening with full, undivided attention.
2. We write what we want to write, free to ignore the prompt and write what is most alive for us.
3. We share by reading our work aloud. Everyone has the option to pass.
4. We hold in confidence all that we share and hear in the workshop.
5. We offer respect and dignity to each other and to ourselves.
6. We listen to all writing as fiction. The writer may inform us if the work they are about to read is not fiction.
7. When we respond to the writing, we speak about “the writer,” “the narrator” and “the character(s),” rather than referring to the writer as “you.”
8. Since the writing in the workshop has just been written, we treat it tenderly. We respond with what we like, what stays with us, and what moves us in the writing. 
9. When we offer feedback, we focus more on the writing, less on our personal experience or the private life of the writer.
10. When we read our work aloud, we refrain from adding introductions, explanations or apologies. We read and let the work speak for itself.
11. As our writing is discussed, we listen quietly, like a Buddha. In this way, we discover what others hear in our words.

This workshop is based on The Amherst Method for Writers and Artists. Dana is a certified facilitator of this approach. She offers her workshops for women of all ages, in all genres, at all levels of experience.

The shared community of Writing Alive! Writers includes approximately 35 writers in several states including Oregon, California, Idaho, Washington, Texas, Michigan, Vermont and New York. Writers work in their favorite genre — poetry, essay, short story, memoir, creative non-fiction, science fiction, speculative fiction, etc. Common responses to shared writing prompts, giving and receiving positive feedback for what is working well in first-draft writing, and a focus on the essence of one’s individual strengths result in lively, thoughtful, renewing experiences, week by week.

Details of this workshop:

Format: 6-Week Writing Alive! 3+1 Workshop
Day/Time: Thursdays, 3:00 – 6:00 pm Pacific
Dates: June 30 + July 7, July 14, 21, 28 + Aug 4
Tuition: $222
Facilitator: Dana Cunningham Anderson, MS
Payment may be mailed to Dana or sent via PayPal after available space is confirmed via email. Contact: artlight7@gmail.com

Dana is a retired psychotherapist, founder of ArtLight Media and Writing Alive! Workshops. She is an artist, writer, graphic designer, meditator and certified facilitator of The Amherst Method. Dana’s work, both written and visual, has been published locally in The North Coast Squid. She has facilitated 3-5 weekly Writing Alive! Workshops since 2015, in person at Tillamook Bay Community College, the Tillamook Public Library, The Wilson River School in Tillamook, The Center for Contemplative Arts (Manzanita) and at her home, The Bend at Moon Creek, in Blaine, Oregon. Since Covid began, her workshops have been hosted virtually on the Zoom platform.

Please contact Dana with any questions or to enquire about available space. Deadline to sign up for this workshop: Monday, June 20, 2022.