THIS SUNDAY Luminous Contemporary ART SHOW at Graceful Waves Art Gallery in Wheeler

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From Graceful Waves Art Gallery in Wheeler:

We are presenting a special Contemporary Art Show/Open House on:
SUNDAY JUNE 12 from 2 – 6 PM,
featuring the luminous paintings of local visionary artist, Shaukya Dekker.

206 S Marine Drive, in Wheeler (on the Bay)

Described by some as a modern “Dutch Master,” Shaukya’s works are an odyssey of depth, beauty, transcendence, and ecstasy.

The show will feature 22 of Dekker’s original masterpieces; many of them are from her most recent Collections “Gardens of Light” and “Metamorphosis”.

Come enjoy a glass of wine with us and be transported and elevated by her extraordinary visions of light!

Because the Art Show/Open House is ONE DAY ONLY, we are offering a 20% off SALE on her original artwork during the show. Limited edition high quality reproductions on canvas, fine art prints and card sets are also available for purchase.

Don’t miss out on this outstanding opportunity!

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Responses to Shaukya’s Art:
“I found Ms. Dekker’s paintings to be incredibly full of life and force. Each painting I viewed had its own distinct character, although sometimes it would take some time before I could tune in to a painting’s particular quality and personality. They all communicated a deep sense of intimacy, of vulnerability — of something deep or mysterious being shown. A secret being shared. Beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes utterly joyful — the time I spent with her paintings was a ride full of feeling and delight.”

“Shaukya’s paintings vibrate with an intriguing energy, spellbounding the viewer into an unanticipated realm. She relates directly to the canvas with her hands rather than allowing an intermediary paint brush which enables her work to convey an even more direct, living presence. What an unexpected delight to come upon this until now unknown bold work!”

“Viewing each painting became a participatory experience; one filled with wonder and beauty. I felt brightened. I combined with her images at depth. When thus viewing or “living in” Shaukya’s paintings, I found new world; a world of deep resonance with Light and now a place I can live in. May others find her art and be so fortunate!”

Many more testimonials on Shaukya’s website at: