Opportunity to sign for Reduction of Gun Violence Act

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Dear Friends, Neighbors and Community. After last week’s horrific killing of 19 children and 2 adults, I knew I had to do something more than feel bad or allow resignation to set in. I learned of LEVO (Lift Every Voice Oregon) and knew I needed to take ACTION by being part of gathering signatures for this initiative. Together, we can do Anything, thank you.

Please come to the Manzanita Farmers Market and show your support for change by signing this petition. We will be near the entrance and you must be a registered voter in Oregon to sign and be counted. Please spread the word to those who may not have access to the BBQ. I see this initiative as common sense in part by requiring a permit to purchase, stricter background checks and limiting magazines to a maximum of 10.

IP 17 Summary (full text at www.lifteveryvoiceoregon.com)


All firearm purchasers will need a permit to buy a firearm. Before issuance, the permit applicant must successfully complete a background check (regardless of how long it takes), as well as pass both a firearm safety training class and a live-fire training session, as those terms are defined in IP 17.

The permit is valid for 5 years. Whether the seller is a licensed dealer or unlicensed seller at a gun show, at the time of purchase, a current, valid, permit must be presented and a background check must be successfully completed before any firearm is turned over to or received by the purchaser.

Restrictions are also imposed upon purchase of the certain ammunition. No magazines over 10 rounds can be purchased or sold after the effective date of the Act and those already owned on that date are restricted to the owner’s sole use on personal property, at shooting ranges, competition and lawful recreational activities such as hunting, provided they are transported to such locations in a locked container separate from any firearm. Sale or transfer of large-capacity magazines to others is prohibited, except, within 180 days of the effective date of the Act they may be sold or transferred to a licensed dealer or permanently altered to only hold 10 rounds or, at any time, turned in to law enforcement for destruction.

Manufacturing of large-capacity magazines or sale by a dealer is also prohibited, except for military and law enforcement purposes.

The penalty for violation of this law is a Class A misdemeanor or, in some instances, if the violator has one or more prior convictions at the time of the charge, the penalty is a Class C felony.