Wheeler Council Hearing Tuesday May 24 at 7PM

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On Tuesday, May 24 at 7 PM The Wheeler City Council will be holding a hearing on the proposed development of Botts Marsh. This hearing comes as a result of a remand from Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals regarding previous votes by our City Council. Regardless of how the vote turns out, the result will have a significant and long-lasting impact on the economic future of our town. Some people say that the very existence of Wheeler as a self-governing entity is in jeopardy.

Among our townsfolk, there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue. And, to my way of thinking, that’s part of the beauty of small-town life. We are conservative and liberal, young and old, rich and poor, working and retired, outspoken and introverted. And it is this diversity that weaves together to make Wheeler the place we choose to live. Yet, it has been my experience that this diversity is not fully represented among those attending our Council meetings.

I encourage our Citizens to attend the meeting to learn first hand—instead of through rumor and innuendo—how and why our City Council rules on this issue. And, let us all try to remember that reasonable, well-intentioned citizens can, and should, agree to disagree respectfully.

Jane Geason
Wheeler, OR