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In 2021, the Democrat-controlled Oregon Legislature and Governor Kate Brown signed into law Oregon House Bill 3294, which is also known as the “Menstrual Dignity Act”. It requires menstruation products such as sanitary napkins and tampons to be made available in all public school bathrooms, including those for boys. (Apr 25, 2022) This bill was also written as an (“emergency”)

“(c) ‘Student bathroom’ means a bathroom that is accessible by students, including a gender-neutral bathroom, a bathroom designated for females and a bathroom designated for males.
“[(2)(a)] (2) Each public education provider shall ensure that both tampons and sanitary pads are available at no cost to students through dispensers located in [at least two] every student
[bathrooms] bathroom of every public school building.
“[(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this subsection, if a public school building has only one student bathroom, both tampons and sanitary pads must be available at no cost to students through dispensers located in that bathroom.]

House Rep Ricki Ruiz, a Democrat sponsor of the bill who called for the removal of gender language, stated that “not all people who menstruate are women.”
The Sponsors of the “Menstrual Dignity Act” were the following elected officials:
• Ricki Ruiz (D) District 50
• Dacia Grayber (D) District 35
• Anna Williams (D) District 52
• Andrea Salinas (D) District 38
• Lisa Reynolds (D) District 36
• Julie Fahey (D) District 14
• Teresa Alonso Leon (D) District 22
• Courtney Neron (D) District 26
• Maxine Dexter (D) District 33
• Jason Kropf (D) District 54
• Ken Helm (D) District 34
• Khan Pham (D) District 46
• Rachel Prusak (D) District 37
• Janeen Sollman (D) District 15
• Chris Gorsek (D) District 25
• Lew Frederick (D) District 22
• Kate Lieber (D) District 14
• Deb Patterson (D) District 10

Republican Christine Drazen voted in favor of the bill as did many Republicans

* According to a Gallup pole 5.6% of population is LGBTQIA+ look up the definition of LGBTQIA+