Volunteers Needed-Neighborhood Watch in North County

Submitted By: peggy@coastconstruction.biz – Click to email about this post
Getting a BBQ/Potluck together for a Neighborhood Watch in North County, or maybe just Wheeler, depending on the interest.
We need Volunteers and Donations. Let’s get our area on the map when it comes to watching out for our Community and Each Other.
Crime is up and Arrests are down with no housing available for Criminals.
Let’s get together and start something that will not only bring our people closer, but something that will keep the crime down as well.
July 17th at 3PM we have Sheriff Josh Brown coming to visit Wheeler (uncertain on the place as of yet).
So this is a get together, where we can discuss things like Safety, Cameras, Community Concerns, Needs, Wants and anything else that should be on the Agenda.
With a group like this we can report suspicious activity, document and follow up on issues. These are just some ideas.
I have looked into a group nicknamed COP. They seem to have a great program going on. Check out their website…about 1/2 way down the page is the information for their city www.ontariooregon.org/joinopd.html
I also found the same program in Kitsap County Washington (I’ve spoken with them and they are happy to share information). Here is their website www.kitsapgov.com/sheriff/Pages/CitizensOnPatrol.aspx
Change can only happen when we as a Community get involved. I know this can be done in a Civil Manner, there is a way!
My email is peggy@coastconstruction.biz
Phone is (503) 354-4454 (you can text this number also)
Eager to share, learn and make this a safer place to live