Missing Female Tuxedo Cat

Submitted By: alayawyndham@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Hello Wheeler Neighbors,

Early this morning, our female tuxedo rescue, Wave, escaped our home. We live on SPRUCE ST. in Wheeler. Wave, just under 2 years old, is skittish and lives indoors, previously being too scared to venture more than a few feet outside of our house, and not without her twin brother Tide being there. It’s highly unusual that she’s gone far enough to go missing, so we are very worried. We have searched extensively on our property, and surrounding natural areas, including up and down Spruce St., and through the neighborhood. Wave is half of a deeply-bonded twin pair, and her brother is distraught about her disappearance.

If you live in Wheeler, and especially on Spruce Street, please keep your eyes peeled and ears open for meowing. If you are up for it, even check out potential hiding spots like bushes and sheds for us, we would be so very appreciative.

If you see her or think you see her, please CALL or TEXT Alaya: 206-618-9705 or Chad: 503-778-0174. We can also be reached by email: alayawyndham@gmail.com and cbash@rinehart.org.

She is micro-chipped. We have also cross posted on Facebook, and Instagram for sharing purposes.

Thank you for your help! Let’s bring Wave home!