Voting for Marc Thielman = Compassion & Tenacity..

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Marc Thielman : 27 yrs of Public Service.
Superintendent of Alsea School . When lockdowns started went to deliver equipment, food, help to families ….then he noticed the moral breakdowns, depression, suicides,…so he said : < That's it I'm re opening the school ..Parents you choose to get involve or not, come as you wish, masks or not.., YOU make that choice >
The school went from 200 students to 700 .
Not one single case of covid in 2 years.
Governor Brown punished the school financially .
Marc heard of 2 kids who had dark thoughts,
he drove 2 hours each day , taking them to school .
Marc Thielman has 5 children, 3 of them adopted from foster care , one little girl with special needs .
The person who helps taking care of her is a trans. Marc says : it’s about a person’s actions & , character ..
So here I am a 40 yrs Democrat voting for a Human Being who has already shown what he is about .