Re-elect for Mary Faith Bell as County Commissioner

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Dear Friends,

By now you should have your voters pamphlet in the mail and your ballot will arrive any day.

I am am looking forward to filling out my ballot for Mary Faith Bell for County Commissioner. She has done an outstanding, level-headed job in these tumultuous last couple of years, including her year as Commission Chair (a rotated position). Who could have expected a ransom-ware attack on the County Court House much less a pandemic that called for the strong leadership she has provided. It’s been a lot for anyone to handle and she has done the job with dignity and grace, despite attacks from the public and disagreements within. I’ve admired her steadiness and thoughtful process as she navigated the hurdles.
I hope you will join me in also voting for Mary Faith Bell. We need her to be able continue doing this job.
Lane deMoll
Nehalem, Oregon.