Back the Badge is B.S.

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The Secondary Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance on the May ballot is a symbolic measure that gives you an opportunity to support the 2nd Amendment, and gun rights, or to oppose them, if you choose. It is modeled on the “sanctuary city” measures progressives have used in liberal cities like San Francisco to prohibit local law enforcement from enforcing anti-illegal immigration laws.

There would be no practical impact. Local law enforcement would continue to enforce all laws as they see fit, as they do now. But it would be a public statement that the community supports the right to own firearms.

Unfortunately, the Tillamook County Democratic Party and local Democrat officials are running a “fake” campaign funded by outside progressive money. They are doing everything possible to hide that fact, but if you go to the Oregon Secretary of State’s web site you can see who the people are and where the money is coming from. Law enforcement supports 2nd amendment rights, but the fake campaign is using the slogan “Back the Badge” in the hope that people can be mislead into thinking they are a pro-law enforcement group. The party of “De-Fund the Police” is anything but that.

Everything about this organization is fake, all of their information is false, and they know it is false.

People who support gun rights do not “think that violence and weapons are the answer to a just society.” That’s just wrong. True, it is about “keeping this community safe”, but their definition of that is taking your guns away. Statistically the safest communities are the ones where people are allowed to make that decision for themselves.

If you support gun ownership make your opinion known and vote yes. If you don’t, then also make your opinion known and vote no. That’s fair, and then we can see where the community stands.

But efforts to lie, confuse, distort and mislead — anything to get their way — are what damages democracy, and our communities. It’s a sad thing, but there it is.

Think for yourself. Don’t fall for their tricks. The people of Tillamook County are smarter than that, and so are you.