Please vote to renew Library funding!

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To my neighbors in the Three Villages area:

I would like to join others on this site who have encouraged you to vote YES on Measure 29-164, the Library Levy Renewal in May 2022.

In inflationary times, this 5-year levy is an amazing bargain. The cost if renewed is 65¢ per $1000 assessed value of a home, the same as it’s been since 2017! Our wide-ranging Library system costs only $110 per year for homes assessed at $170,000, which is $9.25 a month—less than most of us spend on beer and wine in a weekend.

Personally, I rely on branch libraries in Tillamook County for email and internet. All branches beam a wifi signal into their parking lots so anyone can connect day or night, for free. When I moved here, a friend told me about this, so I drove with a laptop to the Library one rainy night. I had to laugh—there we all were in our pickup trucks and SUVs, blue light shining on our faces as we sat behind the wheel accessing the wider world.

I have no internet at home, so I need Library computers for weather and news, ordering online, filling out forms. I also get DVDs and audio books from the Library. I have recommended movies and TV shows to friends who can’t find them on Netflix or Hulu. Then they use a Library card—it’s free!

Working at Library computers, I run into friends and overhear local news. Librarians help enthusiastic kids and sophisticated adults. Since Manzanita lost its “business center” at Salt and Paper gift shop, we have been able to manage because Tillamook County purchased modern printer-copier-scanners for all branch libraries.

Good value for the money, right? Please vote YES on Measure 29-164!

Phyllis Thompson
Manzanita OR 97130