What happened – Short Term Rentals at the meeting

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Short Term Rentals
I checked out of the last city council meeting before the STR discussion began but since then I’ve read and heard conflicting information about what went on. So I listened to that part of the meeting. A recording of the meeting is on line at ci.manzanita.or.us/city-council/. Scroll down to find it.
So what happened is that the city manager presented a resolution as she was requested to do to suspend the issuance of licenses for STRs city wide including the commercial zone, C1 and the mixed use zone R4. The lawyer for the city had reviewed the proposal. There was discussion about the resolution and the council members were in agreement with the resolution. The mayor opened it up to public comment. There were two comments from persons who had bought property and are building in the R4 zone who are worried that they won’t be able to get a license to have a STR because of the proposed freeze. There were other comments of various points of view. (You can hear the other comments on line and the council’s subsequent discussion on line)
The council voted to extend the time of the meeting so the council could discuss the freeze on the C1 and the R4 zones. Three of the council members changed their minds and amended the resolution to take out the freeze on C1 and R4 zones.
I’m not affected by short term rentals where I live so I haven’t been emotionally involved in this issue. My take on how the meeting went is that reversing the decision to freeze the C1 and R4 was done in haste. Probably the resolution should have been tabled until more information could be gathered.
Some questions that come to my mind:
What are the reasons that the STR freeze was proposed for the C1 and R4 zones when the resolution was first written? Why didn’t questions about the C1 and R4 zones come up earlier in the meeting or at the previous meeting? How many properties in the C1 and R4 zones have the potential to become STRs? Might we have an explosion of STRs in C1 and R4 zones? Are STRs the biggest profit making businesses in Manzanita? What businesses are important in order to keep the unique and vibrant village quality of Manzanita? How does the city attract desirable businesses?
What are your questions? Karen Small