Cannon Beach Elementary School Remodel Moving Ahead

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The Manzanita City Council has been aware of the Cannon Beach project to remodel their 1950, four classroom, 5,000 sq ft Elementary School and 7,500 sq ft Q Hut as a “model conference center with high end features” since January. Estimated Cannon Beach School remodel cost for the School portion alone is around $1.5 Million. You can read about it here:

If you want the scary picture picture show of what condition the Cannon Beach buildings are in, take a look here:

So what are new build City Hall building costs these days? Lebanon is in the process of planning their new City Hall with projected costs of $854-890 per sq ft. and this is for a project in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Our City Manager has already announced that this will be a very expensive project. Our new architect will have to keep the budget in mind as he fields the wish list of citizen wants in their new City Hall during his community outreach. Given the reality of current construction costs and what the City can afford in order to go into 30 years of debt to pay for this project, expect to hear that we can build smaller or cheaper or most likely smaller and cheaper.

Let’s hope that the City Hall Project Team is looking out for the interests of Manzanita taxpayers/residents and are prepared to explain why our Mayor and Council should continue to ignore the creative and responsible fiscal and project development decisions being made by their counterparts in Cannon Beach. The most expensive infrastructure project in the City’s history that will be made without a vote of the residents deserves nothing less.