Bali custom window shade

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So here’s the story – we had the cat tower a BIT too close to these fancy window shades last year – and our enthusiastic fur-child took a couple of swipes at the top part of one shade (there are two shades on the same headrail as you can see – this is the difficult part) – and now that we are having to move out due to the landlords decision to sell the place I am expected to replace the entire assembly. Nevermind that all other shades in the house are at least 2-1/2 years old – and that these up front don’t match any of the others in the house – a deal is a deal.
Here’s what’s hard to swallow – a replacement can be ordered – but since the headrail is “oversize” the shipping is a +$95 shipping charge. I made the suggestion that two separate shades to replace might be helpful to alleviate this kind of situation again (and that would eliminate the bonus shipping charge) – but it fell on deaf ears.
We have until 5/31 to come up with a suitable replacement – better sooner than later – who’s got one?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions – JW
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