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The May 17th ballot will be coming soon. I am really disappointed in elected officials that I voted for last time, because we are living in very trying and inexplicable times and our elected officials do not seem to be able to comprehend this. No creative thinkers they, no heroes they – just smiling bobbleheads playing sheep. and sometimes parrots! Yes, they are nice…………! One such person in a letter to me wrote that he would do whatever Gov. Kate Brown wanted, (and she is the most hated governor in the USA.) What does that say?? (It says Germany all over again)

In Harney and Yamhill counties, the county commissioners voted for the same measure as Tillamook county’s 29-161. This measure has been put on the ballot to preserve the second amendment. The second amendment is the right to keep and bear arms – this shall not be infringed – says the second amendment. Like the person who put this measure on the ballot, I am worried about losing my civil and constitutional rights, I am worried about no longer being free!. The bobbleheads have no such worries – (they smile – nod their heads up and down up and down.) and pass legislation to make us less free.
Small businesses are, or were, the backbone of our country and other countries as well. Now most are gone, so our country’s backbone is weak, and the Dems in Oregon passed a tax bill that will further devastate small businesses trying to recover. They are now passing legislation that will cripple small farms.
The Dems in Oregon need to go in order for Oregonians to have a strong state.
We are going to have devastating food shortages. In this county we have lots of food growers. That is a good thing, but not if they are put out of business. An Oregon Democratic legislator put forth a bill requiring the OHA to regulate the animal population, pets included, in Oregon because of COVID. There is also a bill coming that will demand that we vote for the end of animal husbandry because it is causing global climate problems and also because it is “animal cruelity”! The point of this will be to exterminate most animals that we eat for food, but it includes regulating your pets too. Now if your pets do have “Covid” you could treat them with Ivermectin. But all of a sudden Ivermectin will be pronounced by the MSM as a medicine to only be used for aliens in outer space.
They have a story for everything! and you believe it!

So I think we should have a more balanced government. Less Dems more Repubs and Independents. Then crazy and irresponsible legislation will stop and we might get back to normal. I am an Oregonian for Oregon. Our current legislature should represent the people but they don’t. They push out legislation written by lobbyists, and some of our legislators are so dumb they have no idea what the legislation will do to the economy of our state, which effects the whole population of Oregon. I am sure some of them don’t care as long as they keep their jobs (while we lose ours).
I say, vote against as many Democrats as you can, vote for independents and Republicans and
get our state back in balance again.