Vote for Mary Faith Bell for Tillamook County Commissioner

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I first met Mary Faith Bell at a function held at Kendra’s, a restaurant and inn in North County, when she initially ran for County Commissioner in 2018. I had read what the candidates had written, none of which induced me to decide for whom I would vote. When I arrived at Kendra’s, this woman extended her hand to me and introduced herself. Her genuine energy of welcome and dare I say it, love, impressed me greatly. Because of that my choice was made to vote for Mary Faith. And I have only become more impressed with her. She does genuinely care for our community and works hard to build relationships with the goal of finding solutions to the many complex problems our county faces. She is smart and she does her homework. She has integrity and honesty. She has the will and grit to keep at it. In her tenure, she has faced the intense challenges of the County’s computer ransomware attack and two years of a global pandemic with grace, intelligence and fortitude. The pandemic in particular is very a difficult situation with no easy or satisfying solutions. People in leadership at all levels were between a rock and a hard place where any decision was going to cause hardship and did. There just wasn’t a good choice. I thank them for their service and am glad I wasn’t in their shoes!

Please join me in voting for Mary Faith Bell for County Commissioner. She has proved herself an asset and a treasure to the people of Tillamook County. Let’s keep her!!